Kensington Angels Are Always Ready

Yes, there is such a thing as Kensington escorts and they just love to date! A lot of the locals are shocked that there are Kensington escorts but they have been around for a long time. I have been dating Kensington escorts for the last 8 years, and I can tell you that Kensington escorts are stunning and so sexy.

a very special kensington escorts


I have a couple of very special Kensington escorts that I like to date, and I arrange dates through one of the leading Kensington escorts agencies.


My favorite Kensington angels are Sue, Pilla and Nou. They are lovely, and they are all from different countries which makes dating more interesting.





Sexy Sue as I call her in an nice local girl turned escort. She used to be a model but turned escort as she enjoys the company of men. You can tell she is a man’s woman as she just loves to please. She has the most amazing legs, and I love seeing those legs in stockings.


Whenever we date, she is always dressed like a model, and I just love to walk into a restaurant with her. She can turns heads and you can see that the other men are watching and dreaming about her. I don’t need to dream about her as she is all mine for those precious couple of hours.




Pilla is from Spain and is a red hot senorita who used to date in Madrid. That means that she has plenty of experience, and trust me, this girl really knows what she is doing. She can do some amazing things at sometime I just allow myself to sit back and enjoy myself.




Nou is a sexy French maid who has a 34E chest. I have never seen or met a girl like her before, and she intimidated me a bit first of all. Now I know that she is capable of delivering some amazing pleasures and I see her every Saturday night, and we get down to it.


She loves to dress up and I love to be dusted off by hair. I am not the only guys she dusts off, but on Saturday nights she is all mine. I would not know what to do with all my frustrations if it wasn’t for all of my sweet ladies out here in Kensington.


Kensington may look like rural perfection but let me tell you, there is a lot more to Kensington than rolling country side. There are a lot of different agencies out here now, and they all have sexy escorts for you to date.


Many people who live in Kensington as busy professionals, and dating escorts is the perfect solution for many men who are too busy with the careers to form permanent relationships. Escorts are very special people, and may be we should all have a Kensington angel in our life. I love my Kensington angels, and perhaps you should try to see if you can find your own Kensington angels to have some adult fun with.


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